Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Sheelah at DesignerCon booth 826!

Thats where I'll be, booth 826 at DesignerCon this coming weekend. I'll have some new customs for sale (coming soon!) and sculptures on display if you're curious to see. Hope to see you folks there, come and say Hi.


  1. Hey, do you have any more sheelahs left?

  2. Hey, do you have any more sheelahs left?

  3. Hey Tim,

    My is name is Ellyn and you gave me tips and advice on my in-progress custom Munny figurine at DesignCon. Greatly appreciate it. I sent you a follow-up email early December with photos of my end product and description of the new tools and the Rubén Procopio book that I got. I don't know if you received my email or if went to your spam email box. Would love to stay in touch with you as kind of a mentor, if you don't mind. Hope you're doing well. All the best, Ellyn

  4. labby - I do have some Sheelahs if you would like! Working on some customs of the platform as well.

    Ellyn! I'm so sorry I'm only seeing this now. Let me contact you, I'm curious as to your progress.